wifi mini camera


WF98 Updating Sound Software Guide

1, Prepare a micro SD card (4GB-128GB) and format the SD card to FAT32 on the Windows system.

 WIFI98 SOUND update


2, Unzip the “WF98 Sound Updating Software” files to folder.


WIFI98 SOUND update


2, Insert the formatted micro SD card into the card reader then insert the card reader into the computer, open the removable disk, open the folder after unzipping and there are 2 files in the upgrade software, copy 2 files to the micro SD card at the same time and dont copy one by one.

 wifi mini camera


3, Install the micro SD card to WF98 mini Wi-Fi spy cam, plug in the power supply and turn on the camera, you’ll see the LED lights up blue and then flashes yellow for 4 times and goes off. Then the LED flashes blue and yellow at the same time for about 20 seconds, and then goes off, then the LED lights up blue, it means updating successfully. 


4, Plug out the power supply, turn the camera off and remove the SD card from the camera. (Please remember to remove the SD card or the camera will be upgraded again after 10 seconds.)

5, Format the micro SD card to FAT32 again. Then you can use WF98 spy camera to record sound and video.

Note: The camera couldn’t be powered off during upgrade, the SD card couldnt be removed from the camera during upgrade, and remember to format the micro SD card after upgrade.