Conbrov® WF92 1080P Full HD Mini Hidden Spy Camera

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  • 1080P full HD crystal clear video recording with HDMI port and 170 degree super wide angle lens to capture a larger sight during recording
  • Wifi enabled for easily transferring recorded files and using the smartphone app to view video stream
  • Audio recording function is easy to record voice only and Loop recording function
  • Built in rechargeable battery for a portable use up to 90 minutes per charge
  • Support micro sd card up to 64GB(class 10 SDHC suggested for smoother playback)



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Conbrov® WF92 1080P Full HD Mini Hidden Spy Camera


Key features:
A. 1080P full HD crystal clear videos
B. Wifi enabled for easily transferring recorded files
C. Support micro sd card up to 64GB(class 10 95r 45w recommended for smoother video)
D. Mini portable size design brings you much more convenience
E. Audio recording function is easy to record voice only
F. Motion Detection function available
G. Built in Rechargeable battery for a portable use
H. HDMI port for transmitting full hd videos and photos.
Screen : NO
Photo Format:JPG
Sound Recording: Yes
Video Format:Mov
Compression Format:H.264
Video Resolution:1920 x 1080 at 30fps or 1080*720 at 60/fps
Photo resolution: 4032*3024
Wide Angle Lens:170 Degree
Wifi support: ios 6.1 and Android 4.0 or above
Wifi function: image or video transmission, settings, photo album, synchronization and sharing
Loop Recording: yes
Storage Card Slot:Micro SD card (class 10 95r 45w recommended for smoother video)
Maximum Storage Supported:64GB
Battery Type:built in Li-on polymer Battery
Battery Capacity:560mAh
Charging voltage: DC-5V
Charging time: 1.5-2 hours
Interface type: MINI 5 Pin USB,HDMI, Micro SD
Product size(cm): 115*25*14mm
Weight: 50g
WF92 Camera x 1
USB cable x 1 (cable length 80cm)
User Manual x 1
Adapter x 1
Conbrov Manufactures and sells refined personal cameras.
We offer a 12 month guarantee with a full replacement warranty..

1.Q:What kinds of the SD card does it support? And what’s the biggest SD card can I use without losing quality on videos/pics?
A:It only supports a Class 10 micro SD with at least 8 GB capacity for recording and supports cards up to 64 GB. We suggest you use a Class 10 brand high quality card for a smooth and quality videos or pics.

2.Q:How to format the SD card?
A:please insert the SD card into the camera and format it by pressing the POWER button and MODE button at the same time for a while until the blue light and red light flash, then release the button.

3.Q:How long does the battery last? Can I charge it while recording?
A:It can record about 95 minutes continuously and 75 minutes with WIFI connection, you can charge it while recording via a power bank or power adapter.

4.Q:Can I view/download videos via USB cord without WIFI connection?
A:Yes, you can connect the camera to the computer via the USB cable or use the card reader to view/download videos from the SD card.

5.Q:Can I download the APP to my PC? Is it programmable from a PC?
A:NO, the APP works with i OS or Android smart phones only.

6.Q:Does the camera work in the dark?
A:Yes, you need to press the infrared button to turn on the night vision and it can record in total darkness with a range of 1-3 meters.

7.Q:Does it record audio?
A:Yes, it records with audio. And you can also record audio separately by setting the camera to audio recording mode.

8.Q:If i connect the camera through WIFI at my house, can I access the live feed when I am far away?
A:No, it works with the AP mode only. The distance between the camera and the phone is limited in order to get the phone connect to the camera’s WIFI.

9.Q:Why my camera cannot be recognized on the computer?
A:Please connect the camera to computer via USB cable first, then press and hold the Power Button for 2 seconds to switch the camera on.After a few seconds, there will be a removable disk shown on computer.

10.Q:How does it save the recording?
A:The camera is a micro card based WIFI camera,it will save videos to the micro SD card.

11.Q:Can i use it without a phone? Can i use it without downloading the app?
A:Yes, you can use it to record without WIFI connection. Then you don’t need to use the phone or download the APP, just connect the camerato your computer to view the videos on the SD card.

12.Q: Wifi password for C11 12345678 is not working?
A: There might be something wrong with the software, please contact us via, we will send you the password updating guide and software to update it.

13.Q: None of my computers recognize the camera when the SD card is inserted?
A: please insert the USB cable to both the camera and the USB port on the computer tightly. Sometimes there might be something wrong with the USB cable, we suggest you to try a new cable.

14.Q: What is the distance between camera and phone for live streaming viewing?
A: The distance between the camera and the phone should be less than 30 meters.

15.Q: Can I use a different app to see live streaming?
A: No, you can’t . Please download the FinalCam App to use it.