Mini Spy Hidden Camera Conbrov® DV12 720P Night Vision

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  • Body Camera
  • Video Recorder
  • Portable Pocket
  • DV Cam with 5 Black LED DV12

Product Description

Conbrov offers refined personal home security cameras worldwide!

Enjoyable functions about Conbrov DV12:

  •  Loop recording is defaulted to overwrite the oldest file with the newest when the micro sd card is full.
  •  High sensitivity voice activate ,it will automatically start to record when the sound around camera is more than 60 decibels(Normal speak sound or footsteps)
  •   Built-in rechargeable battery for continuous recording time up to 150 minutes in day time or 100 minutes at night, and it supports recording while charging with external power source.

Why choose Conbrov DV12:

  • World’s first true night vision hidden Camera, record 15-25 feet with 5pcs invisible LED lights in totally dark night.
  • Easy to use,One button pressing to power on, One button pressing to record.
  • Diverse Usage for office, travelling, store,home security.( kids, pets , nanny,elder people)
  • Not only providing a mini video camera, but also creating an intelligent and safe life. You really need to deserve it!!

More to know about Conbrov DV12:

Super Night Vision & Easy Hiding
5pcs invisible LED, capture anything in total Darkness, camera cannot be found easily.(LED will not light up during use at night)
High Resolution
Mini HD video camera 1280 x 720P Max 30 fps crystal clear day time videos.You can enjoy high clear images and vision all the time!
Compact and Easy to Carry
Portable body cam, small size and good appearance, fits for your pocket. Easy use and carry, brings convenient life!
  • World’s Unique Smallest True Night Vision Mini Video Camera: with a night visual range up to 15 to 25 feet,the camera has 5pcs black LED around the lens which are invisible and conceal (LED not light up in use),it’s ideal for personal or body security use
  • Stunning HD Video Quality:1280 x 720P Max 30 fps with built in rechargeable battery to manually record a day time recording up to 150 minutes and night visual recording up to 100 minutes.Or up to more than 20 hours to attach a 10000mah external power bank(power bank not include).
  • Manually & Voice Activated:multiple functions including manually video recording, voice or sound activated detection recording which can standby 5 days.
  • Small Size with 3 Brackets:Easy to carry,suits most places and supports micro sd card up to 32gb(not included) .It requires a micro SD card in order to work. And loop recording is defaulted to overwrite the oldest file with the newest.
  • Record Video with Correct Date and Time Watermark:connect computer to fix the time to ensure the right record time.Note:Please use the “5V 1A” charger to charge.


1.Q: What kind of microSD card does it support?
A: It only supports a Class 10 microSD with at least 8 GB capacity for recording and supports cards up to 32 GB.

2.Q: How to format the microSD and what format does it support?
A: Please format the microSD to FAT32 on Windows system.

3.Q: What’s starlight night vision for and how far can be recorded using DV12?
A: Starlight night vision means that dv12 camera can record a good white and black video in total darkness. And it can record with a night visual range up of 15 to 25 feet.

4.Q: How will the night vision mode work? Is there a night vision mode that you have to set or does it just sense that it’s dark?
A: It will sense the darkness automatically and switch itself to night vision when the light is less than 10 LUX.

5.Q: Does the camera record in color?
A: It records in color for day time, but for night vision, it records in black and white.

6.Q: What kind of charging adapter should I use?
A: For better protection of the battery, you’d better use the “5V, 1A” charger.

7.Q: How to play the video I recorded?
A: We suggest using VLC player to play the videos.

8.Q: How to set the date and time?
A: The camera has the date and time stamp, you can fix the date and time on computer and don’t forget to save the fixed date and time at the end. For more details, see the “Setting the date and time” part in user manual.

9.Q: Is the camera always recording in loop mode? How can I turn off the mode?
A: Yes, it’s defaulted to loop recording, and you can set “no” for loop recording in the SETTIME.TXT file to turn off the mode.

10.Q: How exactly does the sound activation mode work?
A: Please set the camera in sound activated mode first, then it will automatically record when trigger by any loud sound more than 60dB.

DV12 User Manual

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