Mini Spy Cam Hidden Camera-Conbrov T16 720P Portable Small Nanny Cam with Night Vision and Sound Activated Modes

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  • Super Small Spy Camera: Designed as a micro cube(1.0 in), Conbrov T16 hidden video recorder is the world’s smallest spy camera. You can mount it on a desk or on the wall to monitor your home security without any attention.
  • Night Vision Hidden Camera: Records clearly both in the daytime and total darkness with a night visual range of 10 to 15 feet.
  • HD 720P Snapshot Camera: Supports snapshooting 720P high quality photos, which can captures every interesting moment. It also supports recording HD 720P videos to leave unforgettable memories in your life.
  • Loop Recording Body Cam: Supports up to 32GB capacity (microSD card NOT included) for loop recording. When the SD card is full, the newest video will overwrite the oldest one automatically. You don’t need to worry about running out of battery life as it supports recording while charging.
  • What You Get: Conbrov T16 Mini Spy Camera, micro USB cable,magnetic bracket, camera clip,pin,user manual and our fan-favorite 12-month warranty.If you have any questions before or after your purchase, please feel free to contact Conbrov or ask us questions under this listing at the “Customer Questions &Answers” section below. Conbrov and other customers will help answer your questions as soon as possible.

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Product Description

Conbrov 720P Hidden Spy Camera

Conbrov has been committed to the research and development of home security products since 2005, with more than ten years of professional experience and knowledge, we are far ahead from other competitors especially in hidden cameras and on-dash cams, more than that, all Conbrov products are designed independently to satisfy customer experience and meet their potential demand.

What is Conbrov T16 Mini Spy Hidden Camera?

  • Conbrov T16 is another new member of Conbrov Spy Hidden Camera Family, you can use it to record both photos and video without attracting any attention.
  • Sized as 0.81*0.98*1.08inch, Conbrov T16 miniature spy camera is the world’s smallest portable pocket body camera. The small and portable design can be used as a normal video camera or hidden camera to protect home and secret business monitoring.It can also be used as a nanny cam or housekeeper cam.

How To Use and Set Up Conbrov T16?

  • With the included camera clip and magnetic bracket, you can mount the camera on a desk, on the wall, and even as a pocket or body camera by hanging it on your pocket, just take it everywhere you go to record every moment.
  • Before using your Conbrov T16 Camera, you need to charge it and install the microSD card, then start using the camera and select specific mode to record based on your need, such as sound-activated recording and manual recording.
  • Last but not least, we’ve prepared the professional and detailed user manual in the package, you can find all the instructions there.

Why You Should Choose Conbrov T16?

Records superior HD videos and photos:

You can’t imagine such a small camera works that perfect.

It records video in exceptional 1280 x 720p HD at 30 frames per second.

In addition to high quality daylight videos and photos, this body cam can also record nightlight black and white video.

Supports multiple functions:

It can be set to multiple modes based your specific need.

Sound Activated Recording: can be set to record automatically when triggered by any sound greater than 60dB.

Manually Recording: records continously.

Night vision mode:records in total darkness with a range of 10 to 15ft.

Supports recording while charging and loop recording:

Never worry about shortage of the battery and card capacity.

It supports recording and charging at the same time, you can attach an external power bank to charge, so you don’t need to worry about running out of battery life.

It also supports max 32 GB microSD for loop recording,When the card is full,it will automatically overwrite the oldest video files with new ones.

1.Q: Why is the camera charging so slowly?
A: The charging current is too low. Charge with 5V/1A.

2.Q: The camera connected to PC cannot be read.
A: Reset the camera as described in Chapter “Resetting the camera”.
A: Check the USB port of the computer for correct connection and damages.
A: Check the USB cable for damages.

3.Q: The camera The camera does shut down during operation..
A: Remove the memory card, and then reset the camera.

4.Q: The LED turns on unexpectedly, button operation not possible.
A: Reset the camera as described in Chapter “Resetting the camera”.

5.Q: The blue LED flashes fast, video cannot be saved.
A: The memory card may be damaged, replace the microSD card.

6.Q: Video time is not updated.
A: Save the modified time. Modify the time without changing the date and time format.

7.Q: Playback mode seems to be in slow motion, not smooth, broken up.
A: It’s reading memory card too slowly. We recommend using a high-quality class 10 microSD card with at least 16GB capacity.

8.Q: The video cannot be played, no sound, no picture.
A: Use a different media player.

9.Q: Placing the camera flat on the table for video recording lets a white bar appear at the bottom of the video.
A: The camera is small and the lens is close to the bottom of the camera. The desktop reflects the white light to the lens. Use the bracket, or place the camera near the edge of the desk.

10.Q:When I turn it on the light stays solid blue and won’t take pictures or video, I am unable to turn off the unit unless I reset it.
A:The SD card is not recognizable by the camera. Please take care to format the SD card to FAT32 on a windows system computer ONLY before the first use. The camera is not quite compatible with mac computers, after formatting, it can work properly on mac computers. If you use windows system only and still have the problem, please try to format the SD card or change another SD card.

11.Q:The yellow light stays on while charging, why the camera still can’t be powered on?
A:If you charge the camera via computer, there might be something wrong with the USB interface. The USB interface is aging after long time use, so the electric current is too weak to get the camera charged. We recommend you to charge it with a 5V/1A power adapter.

12. Q:Why the video I get comes with noise?
A:The battery power is too low, please get the camera fully charged first and then test it again.

T16 User Manual

How to install T16 Video

T16 Customer Review Video

1, Prepare a microSD card (8GB-32GB) and format the sd card to FAT32;

2, Unzip the “T16 Sound Updating Software” files to “DestBin.bin”.
HD088 Sound Updating Sofeware Download
3, Copy the “DestBin.bin” file to the formatted microSD card.

4, Install the microSD card to T16 Mini Spy Cam , turn on T16 Camera, you’ll see blue LED lights once and then red LED lights slowly for about 5 seconds. When you see blue LED flashes quickly, it means updating successfully.

5, Format the microSD card to FAT32 again. Then you can use T16 Mini Spy Cam Camera to record sound and video .
Note: The T16 Mini Spy Cam couldn’t be powered off during upgrade, so please make sure it has enough power before upgrade, and remember to format the microSD card after upgrade.