Conbrov T19 Car Keychain Mini Body Camera with Motion Detection and Night Vision

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  • 📷PORTABLE CAR KEYCHAIN SPY CAMERA —This camera looks like an actual electric car key, it is portable and able to record anything wherever you are.
  • 📷HD NIGHT VISION— This spy cam can automatically switch to night vision in 720P, it reaches up to 15ft in low light environments or even total darkness, which protects you walking alone at night, and help to monitor your baby, your lovely cat and elderly for 24/7.
  • 📷MOTION ACTIVATED SENSOR— The camera will start recording once the moving object is detected in 1 second, motion detect standby time is up to 1 year long with built-in 800mAh battery, you will never miss any important moments when you are away.
  • 📷ONE BUTTON TO USE— This hidden camera is easy to use and can be used by anyone, the LOCK button is for recording and the UNLOCK button is for motion detection.
  • 📷WHAT'S IN THE BOX— Conbrov T19 keychain spy camera, micro USB cable, card reader, user manual and the pin. Lifetime support provided directly from Conbrov and professional service support 24/7 online to assist with any needs.

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Trusted by over 50,000 homes and businesses since our establishment in 2005, Conbrov is an industry leader in Home Security and Surveillance Technology. Whether you need to protect your home and loved ones, keep an eye on things while you’re away, or record moments that matter, Conbrov is here to help.

Do you worry about your loved ones when you are away at work?

Based on 7/24 continoues recording (supports charging while recording, you can attached to an external power pack if long time recording needed), you can either watch your lovely pets what they do when you leave them home, to confirm if it was really the dog that broke your favorite vase, or monitor the activities of your nanny to make sure your children are in safe hands.

Do you have any supplementary security for your house when you go travelling?

Whether your life is still troubled by criminal activities or dangerous situations? This spy cam features sensitive motion sensor, any movements can be triggerred automatically within 1.5 seconds, which can ensure you to know that what happened when you are on vacation, to confirm whether your belongings are tamperred and simply monitor your house to figure out the true culprit’s guilt by video evidence.

What else you will get from Conbrov car key camera?

Portable Safeguard 
It is a very portable camera to be carried anywhere, it can provide evidence when you are in dangerous environment or on adventurous outings.
Very Easy to Use 
Don’t worry about complicated settings, the camera is so user-friendly that children and elders could operate it. One touch to start and stop recording, press the LOCK button to record a video and press the UNLOCK button to activate the motion detection function.
Loop Recording 
No need to worry about the SD card full to stop recording when you are out for long time, the oldest video will be erased to make room for the new ones, it is quite helpful to record something important for your need.


1.Q: What should I do if all function buttons cannot work?
A: Reset the camera.

2.Q: Why the camera cannot be read when connected to PC?
A: Check the USB port of the computer for correct connection and damages.
A: Check the USB cable for damages.
A: Test the speed and running condition of the computer itself and restart the computer.
A: Pluck the USB cable, reset the camera as described in Chapter “Resetting the camera”.

3.Q: Why videos cannot be played or no pictures?
A: Use a different media player or try to restart your computer.

4.Q: Date/time has been modified but why still not update on the video?
A: Save the modified time. Modify the time without changing the date and time format.

5.Q: Why does SD card not save videos or video files appear 0KB with no content?
A: Re-format the SD card, or use other brand SD card, it is recommended to use 16GB / 10Class or above.

6.Q: I record something at night, why night vision videos are dark with no images?
A:Check the night vision lights light or not, and then reset the camera.

7.Q: Why the camera will not automatically overwrite the older video files when the microSD card fills to capacity?
A: Check the SETTIME text document second line whether the default “YES” , if not, need to be modified to “YES”.

8.Q: Which way does the memory card go in? With the contacts facing up or down?
A: Please insert the micro SD card with the contacts facing down.

9.Q: Will it stop recording once motion is gone, and will start recording again once it is detected again?
A: Yes, it will record about 1 minute when motion activated, and will begin recording again automatically once any new motion is detected.

10.Q: How do you watch playback?
A: You can watch playback by taking out the SD card and read it on your computer through the SD card reader or connecting the camera directly to a computer via the USB cable.

1, Prepare a microSD card (8GB-32GB) and format the sd card to FAT32;

2, Unzip the “T19 Sound Updating Software” files to “DestBin.bin”.
HD088 Sound Updating Sofeware Download
3, Copy the “DestBin.bin” file to the formatted microSD card.

4, Install the microSD card to T19 spy camera, turn on the spy camera and wait for 4-5 seconds, you’ll see red LED light flashes and then goes off, then blue LED light keeps on, it means updating successfully.

5, Format the microSD card to FAT32 again. Then you can use T19 Camera to record sound and video .
Note: The Car Keychain Mini Body Camera couldn’t be powered off during upgrade, so please make sure it has enough power before upgrade, and remember to format the microSD card after upgrade.