Conbrov T11 720p Mini Spy Hidden Camera with Night Vision

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  • 📷SUPER HIGH QUALITY VIDEO: Conbrov hidden spy camera of 720P HD records pretty good videos, even in the dark room, you’ll be able to see a whole 24 hours day in your home or office, which is perfect for your surveillance supplement.
  • 📷BEST MINI SPY CAMERA:It’s indeed very small in size, you can hide it anywhere you want, such as on your bookshelf or some corners, this is a great little spy camera for viewing things that may happen in areas where it’s hard to install a traditional wired camera.
  • 📷NICE MOTION SENSOR: With a PIR sensor in front, this spy nanny cam will be activated to record if triggering any movement, this not only elogates the battery time up to 1 year long standy time but also save memory space when it’s silent in the room.
  • 📷UNIQUE DESIGNED ROTATABLE HEAD: This tiny spy camera has a rotatable head which allows you to adjust the camera angle 180 degree vertically, you’ll get a wider angle, perfect for capturing everything in sight to protect your home from burglars or theft.
  • 📷WHAT IN BOX: Conbrov Mini Spy Camera, micro USB cable, pin, user manual and our fan-favorite 12-month warranty. If you have any questions before or after your purchase, please feel free to contact Conbrov or ask us questions under this listing at the “Customer Questions &Answers” section below. Conbrov and other customers will help answer your questions as soon as possible.

Product Description

Do you want to protect your home and loved ones?

Do you have such situation that you put your grandpa in a nuring home and want to make sure he was getting the proper care? If yes, higly recommend you to own such a nanny cam to see what was happening with your relatives when you were not there.
Long battery life to record more: With the built-in 1000 mAh rechageable battery, this hidden camera can run almost one year in standby mode, much longer than other hidden cameras.
Loop recording option to record more: It does loop recording on your SD card(NOT INCLUDED, support 8GB to 32GB), so you do not have to worry about replacement and can keep it running 24/7 to look after your parents or children.

Worry about what’s going in your home when you are at work?

If you are worried about what’s going in your home when you are at work, our little hidden spy camera is definitely a nice thing to have.
Records in 720P HD with 120 degree: The video quality is pretty good, allowing you viewing everything very clear.
Very small in size: It’s a tiny camera that you can hide it anywhere to protect your home, which is fairly undetectable.

Need something to record your home when you are on vacations?

Have you experineced or heard that someone’s house was broken into while he or she was on vation ? Worry about this kind of thing happening again? If yes, I guess you need something that you could inconspicuously hide to record your home while you are away on vactions, here is what you need.
Motion activated recording mode: The motion sensor detect the movement, when triggerd, the spy camera starts recording automatically, and whne it’s silentin the room, the camera is in standy mode, which allows you to see much more on the recording other than deal space.
Night vision recording function:This spy camera features 6 infrared LED lights which make the camera capable to capture images clearly in dark, thus you’ll be able to see a whole 24 hours day during your vacations.

1.Q: Why is the camera charging so slowly?
A: The charging current is too low. Charge with 5V/1A.This camera built-in 1000mah battery.

2.Q:When power on the camera, the blue light flashall the time, and can not record.
A:Regarding to your problem, When the blue lightsblinking continuously, it shows that it can not read thesd card.

3. Q:Can you access camera video from cell phone?
A: NO,This camera can’t view video from cell phone.

4. Q: The blue LED flashes fast, video cannot be saved.
A: The memory card may be damaged, please replace themicroSD card.

5.Q:The motion detection is slow. Is there a way toadjust the motion detection so they will startrecording faster?
A:When you press MD button, and it takes sometime todetect the environment, the time was influenced bythe environment. you could walk frequently in front ofthe camera to make the camera enter the MD modefaster .

6. Q: Playback mode seems to be in slow motion, notsmooth, broken up.
A: It may be due to the slow read and write speed ofyour microSD card. We recommend using a
high-quality Class 10 microSD card with 16GBcapacity.

7.Q:Can it record though the window?
A:you can record through the window manually. ButMotion recording is not working properly through awindow.The window will affect motion sensing as thetemperature of the window itself will masktemperature changes occurring outside.

8. Q:What does 10 minutes per file mean? Can not itrecord one 1 hours continuously?
A:Each file of 10 minutes means that it continuouslyrecords 1 hour, and it will save 6 files,per file has 10minutes.When you view video on computer ,you cansee video is continuous.

9.Q:Why can’t I play back the video on computer?
A:We recommend using VLC player for playback If youuse a Mac. If you use a window PC, please try KMPplayer.

10.Q:Why is my camera not being recognized on thecomputer?
A:Please turn on the camera first, then connect theto the computer via USB cable.(The blue
LED indicator will stay on and the red indicator willflash).Or please use other microSD card, please formatthe card to FAT32 on window computer. Pleasereset the camera and try again.

11. Q: Why am I coming home to hundreds of 1-2clips all with no motion being recorded?
A: The PIR will sense the temperature between the moving object and the background object, once there is a difference between them, it will be triggered to record.
Please take care of the followings to avoid frequent trigger:
1)Don’t place the camera towards the glass doors or windows directly. Considering the PIR has a strong suppression of bright light, please don’t do that in order to weaken the interference of the bright light.
2)Don’t place the camera towards the heat sources such as the air conditioners or the heating systems. Sometimes the air convection between the doors and windows can cause false trigger even. The trigger is closely related to the change of the temperature.
3)Don’t place the camera in a complex environment where the objects can easily swing, such as the flow of people, vehicles and so on. It can cause false trigger too.
12. Q: Can this be used in damp conditions?
A: No, it can’t be used in damp conditions. The camera is not waterproof, never immerse the camera in water or other liquids while cleaning or operating it.

13. Q: How much video can a 32gb card hold recording on “motion” before it loops?
A: It can record about 5-6 hours with a 32 GB SD card before overwriting.

14. Q: Will this work as a dash cam?
A: Yes, it can work as a dash cam if you set the camera in manually recording.

15. Q: how do you set the time/date on it ?
A: Please record a video clip to activated the SD card, then connect the SD card to your computer, you will see a SETTIME.txt file. Open the file and change the time and date.

16. Q: Can you turn the time/date stamp off?
A: No, you can’t. The time/date stamp is defaulted to display on the videos.

17. Q: Does the PIR motion detection work through a car window?
A: No, it doesn’t. If you set the camera in motion detection mode, it is hard for the PIR to detect the change of the temperature through the car windows, so it won’t be triggered to record.

18. Q: Does the light stay on while you recording? If so can you turn it off?
A: Yes, the led will keep on red when you set the camera in motion detection mode. However, the light is on the bottom of the camera, so it is hard to notice and it can hide perfectly.

T11 User Manual-PDF

How To Use Conbrov T11 Mini Camera

T11 Customer Review Video

T11 UNboxing Review

1, Prepare a microSD card (8GB-32GB) and format the sd card to FAT32;

2, Unzip the “T11 Sound Updating Software” files to “DestBin.bin”.
HD088 Sound Updating Sofeware Download
3, Copy the “DestBin.bin” file to the formatted microSD card.

4, Install the microSD card to T11 Mini Hidden Camera , turn on T11 Camera, you’ll see blue LED lights once and then red LED lights slowly for about 5 seconds. When you see blue LED flashes quickly, it means updating successfully.

5, Format the microSD card to FAT32 again. Then you can use T11 Camera to record sound and video .
Note: The T11 720p Mini Spy Hidden Camera couldn’t be powered off during upgrade, so please make sure it has enough power before upgrade, and remember to format the microSD card after upgrade.