Conbrov T10 HD 720P Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera Night Vision

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  • Motion Activated
  • Home Security Camera
  • Nanny Cam
  • Video Recorder
  • Built-in 10000mah Battery
  • 2 Year Long Standby

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Product Description

Conbrov T10 720P Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera

Built-in 10000mah Battery : Say good bye to frequent Charging!

  • Built in 10000mah Super Battery: manually record for day time up to 30 hours and night visual recording time up to 10 hours. Or PIR motion activated recording standby time up to 2 years.
  • This personal surveillance camera is an effective complement for home security system,even if there’s a electric power service interruption.
  • Full-Charging time: about 20 hours by 2A USB power adaptor.​

Extremely Well Covert: Say good bye to all balls or eyes…

  • Highly concealed built in lens to match the photo frame as a home decoration, you may never find the camera lens even you look into it, more concealed than other personal protection camera.
  • Simple and practical, built-in stand and hanging hole, you can open its stand and put it on the table, also can hang it on the wall. Not only can be used as a hidden camera, but also as a home decoration.

More Professional

  • 720P HD Super Clear Video Quality:1280*720P at 30fps support
  • Micro SD card up to 32gb(not include),
  • Audio can be turned on or off at any time to protect privacy during recording
  • Record with date/time watermark which is adjustable.
  • Note: The camera does not work without the micro sd card installed, you need to buy one separately before use.
  • It has the best night vision effect in the field of 1mm lens, with the technology of Black LED, the camera doesn’t make any visible light in night during working. This is the results of years of meticulous research by Conbrov.
  • True night vision:  compare similar products in the night vision ability aspect, Conbrov T10 can even work in all dark environment.
  • PIR Motion Detection video record: about 1 minute per file
  • Record continuously: about 10 minute per file
  • Loop recording: no need to worry about memory card will be full, it will automatically overwrite the oldest files with the newest, please take out the important video files timely.
  • Unique Undetectable Camera: highly concealed built in lens to match the photo frame as a home decoration, you may never find the camera lens even you look into it, one of the most hidden cameras
  • Advanced No Light Night Vision Technology: The camera has Black LED(Original By Conbrov) which are invisible and conceal that promise a night visual range up to 15 to 25 feet In the total darkness. (LED not light up in use)
  • Built-in 10000mah Super Capacity Battery: Manually record for day time up to 30 hours and night visual recording time up to 10 hours. Or PIR motion activated recording standby time up to 2 years
  • Multiple Functions for Diverse Use: PIR body motion detection recording,Mute recording,Loop recording is defaulted to overwrite the oldest file with the newest.(Loop and audio could be turned on or off easily as you want)
  • 720P HD Super Clear Video Quality:1280*720P at 30fps support micro sd card up to 32gb(not include),record with date/time watermark which is adjustable


1.Q: What kind of microSD card does it support?
A: It only supports a Class 10 microSD with at least 8 GB capacity for recording and supports cards up to 32 GB.

2.Q: How to format the microSD and what format does it support?
A: Please format the microSD to FAT32 on Windows system.

3.Q: How long does the camera recording to a 32 GB SD card?
A: In generally, it takes about 4.5 hours to fill the 32GB SD card.

4.Q: How will the night vision mode work? Is there a night vision mode that you have to set or does it just sense that it’s dark? Does the camera record in color?
A: It will sense the darkness automatically and switch itself to night vision when the light is less than 20 LUX. It records in black and white for night vision, but in color for day time.

5.Q: How long it will last to record when charged fully?
A: The camera can record 30 hours for day time, 10 hours for night vision when charged fully. You can record during charging, too. (Please note it will stop recording when SD card filled without loop record)

6.Q: The LED turns on unexpectedly, button operation not possible.
A: Reset the camera as described in Chapter “Resetting the camera”.

7.Q: Why my camera cannot be recognized on the computer?
A: Please turn the camera on first, and then connect the camera to the computer via USB cable.

8.Q: How to set the date and time?
A: The camera has the date and time stamp, you can fix the date and time on computer and don’t forget to save the fixed date and time at the end. For more details, see the “Setting the date and time” part in user manual.

9.Q: Is the camera always recording in loop mode? How can I turn off the mode?
A: Yes, it’s defaulted to loop recording, and you can set “no” for loop recording in the SETTIME.TXT file to turn off the mode.

10.Q: Why I can’t playback the video on the computer?
A: If you use Mac, please try VLC player. If you use windows computer, please try KM player. Sometimes, it is the problem of the media player.

11.Q: Why my video has no audio?
A: Please check that the audio on button is turn on or not when you recording. If yes and still no audio, please change the media play and try it again.

12.Q: Why the battery cannot last so long as said 2 years standby time?
A: standby time means there is no motion to be recorded; it can last 2 years when you fully charged the camera.

13.Q: How to install or remove the SD card?
A: Push the card that clip down into the slot until you hear a click to install. Then Use your finger nail or the pin (included) to push the card a little bit under the surface, the card will pop itself out.

14.A:The yellow light stays on while charging, why the camera still can’t be powered on?
Q:If you charge the camera via computer, there might be something wrong with the USB interface. The USB interface is aging after long time use, so the electric current is too weak to get the camera charged. We recommend you to charge it with a 5V/2A power adapter.

15. A:Why the video I get comes with noise?
Q:The battery power is too low, please get the camera fully charged first and then test it again.

T10 User Manual

T10 Customer Review Video

1, Prepare a microSD card (8GB-32GB) and format the sd card to FAT32;

2, Unzip the “T10 Sound Updating Software” files to “DestBin.bin”.
HD088 Sound Updating Sofeware Download
3, Copy the “DestBin.bin” file to the formatted microSD card.

4, Install the microSD card to T10 HD Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera , turn on T10 Camera, you’ll see blue LED lights once and then red LED lights slowly for about 5 seconds. When you see blue LED flashes quickly, it means updating successfully.

5, Format the microSD card to FAT32 again. Then you can use T10 HD Photo Frame Camera to record sound and video .
Note: The T10 HD Photo Frame Camera couldn’t be powered off during upgrade, so please make sure it has enough power before upgrade, and remember to format the microSD card after upgrade.