Hidden Mini Spy cameras were used mainly in spy movies, however; these days people are realizing the importance of spy cameras. They can be used to check on a nanny, catch a cheating spouse, or keep tabs on kids when you are not at home, or spot a lazy employee. Spy cameras are also useful in recording the point-of-view footage of a RC airplane or model trains.

Are you tired of searching for the perfect spy camera? Are you confused by the array of different types of spy cameras available? After going through this post, hopefully all of your confusion will be cleared.

Spy cameras are usually housed in ordinary household objects like an alarm clock or a pen stand. The transmitter is sealed inside while the receiver is placed somewhere else, where it is connected to a VCR or storage device. Most cameras have built in microphones that would also help in audio monitoring. If your nanny uses foul language in front of your kids, an audio enabled spy camera would help nab her. Many cameras also have motion detection software that makes them self-recording spy cameras. This helps save both space and the amount of time you need to review the footage.

Though wired spy cameras are available, they are slowly becoming obsolete due to the availability of better options. Wired spy cameras are cheaper but you should really stay away from those. The wireless cameras use different technologies to transmit their data. Some uses IP and sends the data through your home Wi-Fi connection. Other use 4G wireless to transmit data to your mobile directly. Wireless cameras transmit data over various frequencies – 900 MHz, 1.2 GHz or 2.4 GHz. Do not buy the 900 MHz spy cameras as they are very unstable and more susceptible to interference. The higher the frequency of transmission, the better is the connectivity and video quality.

In many countries, laws prohibit filming without prior notice. Check your local laws before purchasing or installing a spy camera.

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