FAQS – Frequently asked questions about Conbrov’s Products.


1. I cannot get the computers to recognized the cameras. I get a message from windows that the device is not recognized.

  • Reset the camera
  • Change a USB cable
  • Use a card reader to transmit the video files to your computer

2. Do I need an specific sd card because all I can see are like small green squares? It happens in D1 and HD.

Playback software VLC,change to Windows media player or format micro sd card ,increase card quality.

3. I put the SD card in and plugged into my computer and a screen popped up but there was no file. Your manual indicates I should have file called TAG.txt.

Reset the camera and then format the micro sd card.

4.Does that white ball (sensor) glow any color? I sent a camera back because that glowed red or green and you knew that you were being recorded.

This camera come with a black color ball,and there’s no color glowed from the ball. It is a infrared sensor.

5. How is the motion detector activated? Will it activate through a closed window?

I’m afraid no, this is a PIR infrared sensor activated,the window will block the temperature from a body, so the camera will not activated properly

6.How long does it record after it picks up a movement?

  • It will record up to 2 minutes per file.
  • Normal recording is up to 10 minutes per file.

7. Would this work in a walk in cooler around 45 or so degrees?

If it’s fahrenheit 45, no problem. But there will be false motion detection recording on 45 celsius degree.The camera’s motion detection is based on temperature analysis!

8. Does this camera give out a light signal that it detected motion and recorded an incident?

This camera will record motion quietly wthout any light signal,But there will be always a yellow light on during motion detection mode,You will know which mode you’re in.

9. I can’t get it to work at all. What am I doing wrong? I want to put my motion on.

Power on the camera and then press the mode button, you will see a yellow light on, then the camera on motion detection mode.

10. I want to use it to record if someone is near my car. Will it work for that if I put on the shelf of my windshield?

I’m afraid not,the motion detection for this camera based on body temperature,so when your car inside temperature is too high usually during summer,that will not work.

11. Im confused about whether or not the recording lasts for 7 days or just 100 minutes?

The continuous recording time is 100 minutes, if you put it there at the motion detection mode,it can last for 7 days if there’s no much motion accured.

12. Is there a mode to take photo on motion trigger? For video, is it a one shot trigger? Once recording starts, it does not stop. and does this record audio too? What video resolution does it record?

Yes, it will take video on motion triggered, no photo taken. and once recording starts,it will stop automatically up to 2 minutes around if there’s no further motion. Yes, it will record audio simultaneously. The Video resolution is 720X480 25FPS.

13.When it reaches its 100 minute capacity does it stop recording or continue recording over the previously recorded material?

The 100 minutes means the built in battery can last 100 minutes around, so after that you have to charge for the camera for recording.

14. Do I need to buy a memory card for this or is it built in?

Yes, all Conbrov cameras do not come with any micro sd card. You need to buy it seperately.

15. Does this have any RF capability, even if not used by the firmware?

This camera doesn’t have any RF function.

16. Does this have a date and time stamp?

Yes, you have to modify the TAG.TXT file.

17. What are the ambiant thermal limitations of the IR sensor (what is the ambient temperature range that will not compromise the units’ IR motion sensor?

The ambient thermal up to 38 degrees will compromise the IR function, the camera will keep recording without stop anymore.

18.The power and record buttons don’t work. The blue light is constantly on. Can you please direct me since I would like to start using this device.

Pleases reset this camera by clicking the reset hole of this camera.

19. The ON/OFF switch, and the MODE switch. How does one tell if it is ON or OFF? How does one tell what MODE it is in? I don’t see any change when these buttons are pushed.

Please check below the LED indicator to make sure what happens when you push these buttons, that’s the only way to make sure. Standby: Blue light on Recording: Blue light flash 3 times and then off Save file: Blue light flash 3 times and then on. Computer charging: Blue light on with red light flash. Computer fully charged:Both blue and red lights on. Standby with charger: Blue light on Motion detection mode on: Yellow light on ( inside the reset hole). Power on without micro sd card inserted: Red and blue light on alternately and then off.

20. When I connect the camera to my computer, I cannot find the TAG.txt file.

Pls power off the camera or reset the camera to try it again.

21. The pictures are showing up as blank white. I tried the sd reader in my digital camera and same result. I just don’t know what to do.

Please reset the camera. Change a better quality micro sd card and use Windows media player to playback the video.



1. Motion detection false alarm.

The day light change may activate the motion detection function. As this motion detection is based on light analysis technology.

2. Did not work, did not even turn on.

This camera doesn’t have a built in battery, so you have to connect it with the provided power cable to get a power source to turn the camera on. Or you could reset the camera.

3. How long can you record on one 32G SD card, most likely in motion detection mode?

HD MODE: 13.5Hours/32G D1 MODE: 27.5Hours/32G VGA MODE:27.5Hours/32G. if you put it in motion detection mode,the time will be much much longer depends on the motions occured,since there’s only a motion occured,the camera will record once.

4. What is the difference between pressing trigger and record?

If you don’t press trigger function,the device will always record.But with trigger function,only there’s a motion, the device will start to record a file.

5. Can I use a 64GB (or higher) SD card if it supports Class 10? and will class 4 work?

This camera can only work with 32GB at most Class 10 Micro sd card. C4 is workable.But for a better experience, we suggest to use C10.

6. Is there a way to turn off/on the IR light?


7. How many volts and amps DC needs? I`m thinking to feed energy from a battery.

It is a 6v/800ma power adaptor, it will be included into the package.

8. Does it notify you by text when you are away?

No, you have to check the sd card every time you need to check the file. But we do have a wireless IP version: Conbrov WF28, It could be notified by a push message or email. You could go and check it if it’s suit your need.

9. Is there an accessory for this that can make the power cable longer?

Yes, we offer an extra extension cable for this item. You could place another order by finding: Conbrov extension cable. You will find the 5m extension cable for this camera.

10. I tried to set this up on my Mac but it didn’t work. Is there a way around this or does it require a PC with Microsoft?

The camera can work without modification about settings. Since the setting file is . exe .So Mac will not allow that kind of file, it does require a PC with microsoft. Anyway, some buyers can figure it out by download some special software to run EXE file on Mac. Just for reference.

11. Does the camera work on batteries so you don’t have have a cord visible for more discreet look?

This model doesn’t have a built in battery.You could choose Conbrov WF81 for more discreet look. Or Conbrov HD90 wired portable camcorder.

12. Would I be able to see live video on my smart phone?

No. Only way to see live is if it is hooked up to a monitor. there is no bluetooth connection or any way to link it to a cell phone or smartphone

13. My camera triggers with changing light in the room – nothing is moving, and sensitivity is set to 1. Is this a defect?

The motion detection on this camera is based on the pixel analysis. So you can imagine that the changing light is also a kind of pixel changing. So it will record.

14. Can you configure to record on a sound trigger or must it always be a motion detection?

This model is motion activated camera. We have another model support sound activated is HDV8, but this camera is not mainly for security use. You could have a check on it.

15. I don’t have the manual (lost it) how can I get into the setup mode on my tablet?

This camera can be hooked up directly to use. Only if you want to change the time settings. All our manuals are now available online under the tab support,

16. Are the files being overwritten once the SD card gets full? Does the file have date and time stamped? How long 32gb record if in motion mode?

  1. The factory defaulted is overwritten, You can adjust it by setting from the EXE file.
  2. The date and time stamp is available, and also you can adjust it.
  3. The camera is 40mb/minute file size in HD resolution, we have only the data for the continuous recording time for 32GB is 14 hours around, but in motion detection mode, the recording time will be decided by the motion activation.

17. What is the camera angle? Will it work under front entrance covered porch?

The angle of the camera is 70 degrees, I’m not sure if this camera can cover your porch or not, because it will depends on the distance from your entrance to the porch.

18. Does it send alert to my smart phone when motion detection is triggered? Is there an app that can be used to see the video on my iPhone?

This camera does not work with an app. It’s a normal wired motion detection camera with super night vision. We suggest Conbrov WF28.

19. I want to use this as a nanny cam and not have anyone know it is a camera. Do any lights stay on such that it would be visible at night?

Yes, they’re 23pcs of IR led light will be in red at night. That ensures the night vision distance up to 24 feet. If we change to another kind of IR light without red light at night, the night vision distance will reduce to a half.

20. How is it possible to detect motion 3 sec before it happens?

As the most professional Motion Detection camera, however it has very strong MD ability. The motion detection is sensitive and accurate. For 3s before motion, we designed a buffer memory especially on the PCB. In fact, it always records the 3 seconds in the buffer. Once motion is detected, it will save the motion with the 3 seconds into SD card.

21. When the camera is connected to my computer there is sound but no video?

If you recorded the file correctly. I suggest you to change a video player to try it again. It should have sound and video.

22. Want video and audio of barking dogs outside. Camera mounted inside viewed thru a window; the dogs will be approximately 15 to 20 feet away.

If you want to use it this way, day time no problem. But at night is not so good because of the window glass will reflect the light and influence the video quality.

23. What is the field of view, what is the length of the power cord? And what is that cord coming out of the back of the unit?

The angel of view is 70 degree, the length of the power code is 5.4 feet.(1.8m) ,and the cord coming out of the back of the camera is power supply connector.

24. Does it have the feature to be able to hear what people are saying?

Yes, this camera with built in audio, but it will depend on the distance between voice and camera.

25. Does this work as a stand-alone product if you only want to view the SD card?

Yes, this is a SD card recorded security camera; it could be mounted at anywhere to work as a stand-alone product.

26. What happens if the memory is full? FIFO?

The default setting is over-write. And FIFO as you mentioned. But you can change the setting to non-over-write depends on your requirement.

27. Is it 2 flat prongs or 2-round prongs as shown in the photo? All my power outlets are flat here.

It is 2 flat prongs in the package. US style, no worries!

28. Does the power adapter work with 220v?

It’s US 110V power adaptor, it can work with 220v at most, and the range is 110-240v.

29. At night do you see any lights on this unit?

Yes, this camera has a supper good night vision up to 8 meters.

30. It would be very useful to let buyers know that only Windows machines can set up this device (time, date, quality, etc).

Yes, the setting file format is .EXE .

31. When I open “my computer” i don’t see the file “DvXSet.exe”

Shut down and restart your computer. Reset the camera and then follow my below instructions.

  1. Use the provided cable, connect the camera with your computer and turn on the power.
  2. Open “my computer” and find the file: DvXSet.exe.
  3. Change the settings as needed.
  4. Save the file and then hold the “SET” button on the back of the camera for 3-5 seconds
  5. Disconnect the cable and the camera is ready for use.

32. Quick Start

  1. Insert a Micro SD card up to 32GB.
  2. Connect the adaptor to power it up and switch on the camera (You will see both the red light on at the back and front). Here you get the camera into standby mode.
  3. Press the “Trigger” button at the backside of the camera. Here you’re in Motion detection mode. The front red light will go off then (Back red light always on) . At this mode, please try to wave your hand in front of the camera. The red light will flash once. Then you get a motion recorded into your SD card.

33. I plan using the cameras to track the movements of my cats in my house. Since they are smaller than humans should I increase the sensitivity?

Regarding the motion detection on your cats. I have to say that this camera is your best choice. Since this camera can start taking videos just 3 second before the moving, even though the cat’s speed will be fast than a human, the camera can activated to catch the movement.

34. I’ve started to set up my unit but when I plug the recorder into my computer, I am told that “you need to format the disc in drive G before you can use it”. I am then given a warning that “Formatting will erase all data on the disc”. What should I do?

If you’re the first time to use it and the card is blank, please continue to format the micro SD card. Only format the card, you can use it for a better recording.


1. Is audio in sync?

The audio is approximately 15 to 20 seconds behind the recording.

2. How long does it take to charge?

Charging time is 2.5-3 hours

3. What are the file sizes expected to be?

File size expectations at both D1 and HD settings HD:


D1: 48M/minute

HD Mode 32GB 6.8 hours

16GB 3.4 hours

8GB 1.7 hours

4GB 0.8 hours

D1 Mode 32GB 10.2 hours

16GB 5.1 hours

8GB 2.6 hours

4GB 1.2 hours

4. How to format the SD card?

Insert the micro SD card to your computer card reader to format it, or you could insert the card directly to the camera and then connect it to your computer to format it.

    1. Insert the camera to your computer USB port
    2. Open your computer -find the external hard disk for the camera
    3. Click the right button of your mouse to find the Format from the menu
    4. Click format -wait until the format finished
    5. Safely remove the camera hard disk

5. How do I play back the AVI video from Mac computer?

Convert the AVI file into MOV or MP4, and then choose GOM Player or VLC to play it back.

6. Does it show any kind of light while recording? Like a red light or something to notify anyone? Or is it completely light free and discrete?

The camera has a dim red light flashing slowly during recording. It’s on the back of the camera opposite to the camera lens, when you wear the camera to record, the light can not be seen.

7. How does this film in low light or darkness?

This camera does not perform well in low light or darkness.

8. Is the video resolution 720p? Does it have sound?

Yes, the video resolution is 720p, it will record sound with video.

9. My camera doesn’t record continuously. How do I fix that?

  1. Reset the camera.
  2. Format the micro sd card
  3. Change a better micro sd card up to class 10 above for smooth video playback.

10. It tells me my files cannot be supported please help?

We suggest you use Windows Media Player for a proper video playback,

11. I just received my cam and when I do a recording the red indicator flashes but when I go to view it, it says file cannot be found. Please help.

You may have not recorded it correctly. Format the micro sd card before use and reset the camera for any problem and then fully charge it for a new recording. Use windows media player to playback.

12. Will this camera record video when being charged? For example, can I activate recording while this camera is on a charge?

Yes no problem.

13. My camera won’t keep recording continuously it stops after 10 minutes. What should I do?

Usually the camera will record a file every 10 minutes without stopping. So if you can only record 10 minutes and then stop for continuous recording, you could reset the camera.

14. My camera will not stay on. It is fully charged, and the SD card is inserted correctly, yet when I power on it blinks quickly and turns off. Help!

Reset the camera.

15. I set the date and time per instructions and the time is two hours off, how do you correct this?

The time and date will be automatically synced with your computer’s time. Check uour PC settings.

16. Does it shut off after a few minutes of no motion?

This camera doesn’t have the motion detection function; this camera is a long time recording camera with max 5 hours recording time.

17. Would this work sitting on a shelf and does it make a noise when the recording stops and hits 5 hours?

If you are thinking of using this camera as a nanny cam, there is no noise for this model, but a small red light will flash at the back of the camera. If you put the camera facing the area you’re going to shoot, the red light will be at back of the camera, and not so visible.

18. Does it have built in memory? And how long does it take to charge the camera?

There’s no built in memory, you have to buy a micro sd card to use this camera for recording.

19. If camera is continuously left to record, will it automatically save file?

Yes, it will automatically save file until the battery runs out.

20. What frame rate does the 720p video play back in? 30fps or 60fps? What the difference between D1 and HD?

The frame rate for this camera is 30fps. HD is 720p, but D1 is 480p as we call it VGA. The video quality is different.

21.Can you record video and sounds at the same time?

Yes, this camera can record video and sounds the same time.

22. I am away from my home and I need to be able to change the date and time imprint on my Mac Laptop. I have been told that is not possible and that cane done on a PC. I am with friends with a PC, how do we do this?

When you connect the camera to a windows pc, there’s a disc that appears and you will find a file called updater_time.bat . Just click it and run this file and then unplug the camera. The time will be set automatically.

23. Can you please tell me how to know when it is fully charged? And how to tell when sd card is full while recording?

  1. When the camera is fully charged, the red light would be always on.
  2. While recording, if the SD card is full, the red indicator would turn off automatically after 10 seconds flashes quickly

24. The only thing is I’m missing the updater_time.bat file; it is not on the device. Can I download from somewhere else? Or can you please provide?

Reset the camera and then connect it with your computer to find it.

25. I have it recording but not getting any audio recorded. What should I do?

    1. Reset the camera by pressing the reset hole on the camera.
    2. Format your micro sd card.


1. Time and date can not be updated successfully?

From the camera menu, you can set the right time step by step and then save it before you quit the menu.

2. My camera can not recognize the micro sd card.

Format your micro sd card and then start to use it. Check if the card is in the internal or external slot, set the menu all the same as actual card slot used.
3. During recording, there’s a leak of video or pause and sometimes no video only sound.

Change to a better micro sd card or use Window media player to playing back the video.
4. Please inform me how to unlock and delete videos.

You could set the G-sensor off and unlock the vide or you could format the card to delete the videos.
5. Is there any notification when the battery is almost dead, or the memory is full before it stops recording?

About the battery, on the right top corner of the screen, there’s a battery icon to show the battery life. The battery sign will flash when the battery is almost dead. And also,if the memory is full, the sign on the screen will show that.
6. Does the camera come with the new more powerful clip as opposed to the original weak clips?

We did enhance the clip.
7. Where is 2nd slot for micro sd card?

The second slot is inside the camera below the battery.
8. What is the battery life on this camera?

The battery life is about 6-8 hours,or you can buy a second battery from our Amazon store.
9. When charging, how long does it take and what is displayed on the screen and how do you know when it has completed charging?

It will take 4 hours to be fully charged. When it’s fully charged, you will notice the battery sign on the screen will stop.
10. What is “Security Mode”? Is that motion activated?

Security mode means that you can set a password to protect your video from being checked by others.
11. Somehow we “locked” the camera and are unable to delete the video. Any suggestions how to “unlock” it?

Please contact Conbrov product support to get software to hard reset your camera if you forgot the password.
12. Will the camera screw into a tripod?

13. Does this record combined video with audio and can it record audio only?.

This camera can only record video combined with audio, it can not record audio only.
14. How is this device worn as a body cam? In full view, on a pocket, maybe?

Yes, clip to the pocket or on the cloth anyway you want. We offer two clips for your choice.
15. Does this camera have a time/date stamp on the video so I can show what happened and when?

Yes, there’s a date and time stamp setting on this camera.
16. How does it takes pictures?? Can this camera record while charging?

The camera has a picture mode. Just press the record button to take the picture. This camera can record while charging.
17. How does it work in the evening, with only ambient light?

This camera is not a night camera.The low light performance is not ok. So it’s only suitable for day time use.
18. What does “Sound Recording:Available” mean? Does it have it or not?

The camera does have sound recording function.
19. What batteries are compatible when ordering replacements?

The battery is a BL-9C. 3.7V 1600mAh. You can search Conbrov HD90 Battery for a replacement.
20. The problem was that the video would randomly freeze for 2 – 10 seconds.

We suggest you change a better quality micro sd card or use windows media player to playback the video.
21. The LCD resolution is poor. It shows lines on the display when recording and the recording isn’t clear.

That is an SD card problem,we suggest you to change a better quality card.
22. Received my purchase and followed setup directions but after trying several different micro sd cards, I’m finding that the unit does not recognize any of them. Please advise.

You have to format the micro sd card before you use it. And also,this camera has two micro sd card slots, make sure you put the micro sd card correctly and you can set it by the setting of this camera. If you put the micro sd card at the external slot, you have to set the setting to be external so that you can recognize the card.
23. How long it should take to be fully charged?

The charging time should be 4-5 hours

24. Having problems setting time and date.Please help.

1.Turn on the camera

2.Holding on the”OK” button for 3 seconds into the manual settings

3. Choose the Time Setup, and click”ok’ then choose the time format which you want.
25. The item was returned because it could not read the micro sd card.  After inserting the card in the recording device it showed that the sd card was missing by an “X” mark on the SD card icon on the screen.  Why do you think this happened?

About the SD card, there are two ways to insert it in the camera (internal/external).

1. Insert the SD card in the outside, open the camera

2. Press the”ok” button for 3 seconds, then it will show a “system set up” on the screen

3. Press the button OK, choose the “Date Storage” and later choose the “outside” and go back to the recording, the sd card will show on the screen. If you insert the sd card in the outside, but the system setup is choose the internal, then an “X” mark on the SD card icon on the screen.
26. I just tried to set up my cameras  (date, time etc) but apparently it is not compatible with Mac. DVXSETUP.EXE wont open. The description mentioned  that you can download to PC or MAC. Any suggestions?

Regarding your question above, I’m afraid that it’s yes. You can only run the EXE file from a Windows computer. Anyway, the time and date setting only needs to be done once. So if you really like the cameras, I suggest you to make the time and date setting from your friends computer if possible.
27. Is there anyway possible that the maximum limits of the videos can be extended. Currently the maximum time of a video is 10 minutes and then it creates a new file.

About the file size, we’re afraid that we can not change it more than 10 minutes by software update. We defaulted it as a time file, because we got some experience and customer compliant about the error file. If we record or operate in a wrong way or take out the sd card during recording etc.The video file may be broken. So, to avoid a whole file being broken, we have to cut the file into pieces. We will definitely improve the other points of this camera, but we consider to keep this feature for next version.
28. What about if the clips are broken?

We enhanced both clips for the camera,and also we provide replacement clips. Contact support.
29. The camera supports 2 micro sd card,what does it mean?

The camera has two Micro sd card slots, customers can choose to use external or internal slots.
30. What is security mode?

It is means that customer can set a password to protect from someone else to enter your camera. If customer forgot the password, the camera cannot be made to default setting. We could offer a software to have a hard reset to the default.

31. I can not record correctly for the first time use?

You need to format the micro sd card before inserting it to record properly.


1. Camera not working even if it is powered on?

Please make sure that a Micro-SD card is inserted. Please make sure that the battery is charged.

2. It can’t do any video or picture recording?

Please make sure that the Micro-SD is good quality. Please try to take out the Micro-SD and insert it again to try once more. Please try to format the Micro-SD.

3. Can this camera be used as a webcam?

This camera can be used as a webcam. For PC Camera function: Make sure TF is inserted in the device. Under power on mode, use USB cable to connect computer, the mode is U disk mode. Then short press MODE button, at this moment it can be switched into PC camera mode.

4.Is there a way to record motion for 30 sec instead of 2 min?

The camera is defaulted to be 2 min per file,you can not change it to 30 sec at the buyer’s end.

5. Can this record while charging ?

Yes, this camera can record while in charging.

6. Why cant I see the video on my laptop?

This video format is AVI, so when you playback the video, we suggest you use Windows media player to playback.

7. What is the external power source that you recommend? I would like to record 8+ hrs of video. Will it record while charging through usb?

5v 1A or 2A.

8. Will this camera work in low light?

No, this camera doesn’t have a low light performance.

9. Does it have auto stop each 30 min or it has continuous recording?

This camera has a continuous recording function. No auto stop.

10. I am trying to get the correct date and time to register with my HDV8 camera. I have followed the instructions to the letter and the date and time does not change. Please help me with this.

Create a text file in the root of the micro sd card with a file name of time_set.txt. Open the file and add the following three lines with your actual time exactly:   [date] 2013/07/22  12:00:00. Power on the camera, system will check and analyse time_set.txt file, then time will be set according to above time file. After that the text will be deleted by system automatically.

11.  Inform me how to use my camera as a webcam with the mic working.

The camera can be used as a webcam, but the camera does not support the mic. Simple step : Make sure TF is inserted in the device. Under power on mode, use USB cable to connect computer, the mode is U disk mode. Then short press MODE button, at this moment it can be switched into PC camera mode.


1. Worked intermittently, it would not record properly all of the time.  It would stop recording periodically.

The Micro Card quality is not good enough,we suggest to change a class 10 above branded card to try it again.

2. If the memory card fills up will it record over old stuff or stop recording?

This camera support loop recording,and it will replace the oldest file one by one.

3. When I start my car the camera doesn’t start recording it give me an option to connect to computer or use as web camera, how do I fix this?

Use the provided car adaptor cable. If the problem persists, contact support for an update for the firmware.

4. Does it turn on automatically when the car is turned on?

Yes. it will start recording when the car is turned on.

5. Does it swivel? Can I turn it to capture video inside the car?


6. What is the memory card size capacity limit (e.g. 32gb 64gb, 128gb)? Does this support class 10 sdhc micro sd cards?

Like the Sandisk 32 gb class 10 sdhc memory card. It’s up to 32GB for this camera; and also the better quality card will get the better video playback.

7. How long will it record with the 32 gb card, before recording over?

For 32GB card, it can record about 8 hours based on full hd 1080p before recording over,But you can set it as loop recording if necessary.

8. Built in battery?

Yes, there’s a built in battery around 100mah.we suggest you connect the power cable to your adaptor in your car to use the camera constantly,

9. It says it has motion detection does it work, is it easy to set up?

It has motion detection function. Follow the user manual to switch on the motion detection from the menu guide.

10. Is there an option to turn off audio recording?

Yes, you can turn off the audio from the camera setting as you want.



1. How do I playback video?

You can take still pics and videos. Click on the mode button 3 times until you see which video you want. (You can arrow up and down to select various still pics and videos) then click on the top right button to play, next to power. This also is the record on and off. You can also hook up to the computer for viewing.

2. How long is the stand by time? If I leave it recording in my car while the vehicle is turned off does anybody know how long it will stay powered on?

It’s about 20-25 minutes depending on the resolution you choose to use.

3. Does it monitor vehicle speed?


4. Is there a way to keep the camera on after the engine has been turned off? ie; Could I plug it into a external USB charger to keep it running?

Yes,that’s possible.

5. How do I manually lock/protect the file during recording?

The only way to protect the file is to shake camera to trigger g-sensor. You can Short press the power button when you’re in recording mode to lock the current file.

6. How is this unit powered? is it via a USB cord or more reliably via a low voltage adapter?

This camera is powered by a low voltage adaptor by connecting it to your car cigarette plug, this power adaptor is provided with our package.

7. Can this be used as a dash cam and a back up camera?


8. Does it still record after the engine is turned off?

The camera will stop working after 5 seconds but the battery still has some power after the engine is turned off.

9. This camera came with a GPS cable. No information was enclosed on how to use or engage the GPS. How do I activate The GPS?

You could connect the GPS onto the camera. But you have to check the tracking route by a computer software. It’ will not show on the camera.

10. Do you know if I can get or do they make a 120V DC wall plug-in adaptor for the Conbrov T36 dash cam? or something comparable for this unit.

Not recommended.

11. “File Error” shown when playing pictures and videos. Error occurs during data storage, thus causing an error file?

Format the TF card with the “Format” function of the unit.

12. No image displayed on the TV screen?

Check if the plug of HDMI has been connected correctly and the TV is set at a proper receiving state.

13. The image captured is vague. The lens is not cleaned completely.

Check the lens for any dirt and finger print; clean it with lens tissue before photographing.

14. Cross stripe interference appears on the screen. “Frequency of Luminaire” set is wrong?

Set it at “50 Hz” or “60 Hz” according to the local AC power frequency.


1. I lost the box that the unit came in, and I need the password?

This camera doesn’t need a password for use and also, if you set any password, you could reset it easily. Please check the user guide.

2. Please let me know how to reset the camera.  I don’t know how to reset it.

Just long press the reset button at the back of the camera. When you hear a sound, that means you reset the camera successfully.

3. We’re on satellite internet, which limits the amount of data we can use. The cameras worked only sporadically for one day, but in that one day they used 20% of our monthly data allotment.

We suggest you use the camera at a normal wifi connection.Satellite connections are costly.

4. The cameras wouldn’t stay connected to our network, even if they were in the same room as the wireless router.

Try to move the camera as near as to the router to test.

5. Will I have to take it down and plug it into my computer every time I want to view my recordings?

This version is wireless and you do not need to take it down to view the recording. You can just view it from your mobile.


1 . I get “Connect interrupt due to timeout”.  “The number of cameras reach to upper limit”. Unknown error or invalid username or password, connection failed?

This error is because of a weak wifi signal. Move your camera as near as to your router to try it again.

2. Is there a way to manually reset the miniIPCam device. It was set for wifi use (p2p mode) and the ‘admin’ password to access the camera is not working. Application and web interface give ‘user authentication error’ for login.

The camera can not be manually reset other than to return to support for a hard factory reset to the default.

3. What is the App called that is used for Apple IOS?

The App is called : Mini IP Cam. It’s the same as Andriod.

4. What does wifi to mobile distance 80m mean? So I can’t view the camera in my home while I am at work from my phone? My work is 20 miles away.

There are 2 modes to set the camera. One is AP and the other is P2P.  AP is local access. That means from the camera you can view up to 80 metres away. To view 20 miles away, you need to switch the camera to P2P mode and use wifi at your work or 3G/4G ISP access.

5. Does it pick up voice recording?

Yes, The voice recording is excellent.

6. Is there an app for non-mobile devices like a PC?


7. Does it turn on by itself if it’s connected to a power source? 

No, you have to press the power button to turn it on.

8. It comes with a USB cable, is that a power charger? If it is, how long?

It is a charger cord usb mini not micro.. about 4 inches long

9. Can it be carried around and be used for live streaming to a laptop?

This camera can live stream to a mobile device with andriod or IOS platform, but not to a laptop with windows system.

10. How do you watch the feed? Is there an app for this product? I want to purchase but don’t know if it will do what I want. I need a cam I can connect to an app to log in and see the live feed from work!!

Yes, this camera will do it. It supports p2p Wifi remote checking video as long as you have a good local wifi connection. Try to install the camera near to your router where you want to watch to get a perfect and smooth video.

11. My camera works up to a point but when I click on settings, a message flashes on my iphone screen saying “bad auth”. What do I look for now?

Try to uninstall and reinstall the mini wifi cam app and make a new connection.

12. Can the camera be turned on remotely from your phone?

Yes, when you set it up, you could connect it to your local wifi and remotely monitor somewhere from your phone.

14. Does the camera work without the micro SD Card?


15. Is the camera fully operational when still connected to usb for power?


16. How far can you view live feed from?

Around 200 feet by AP mode in open area.

17. Can the unit be plugged in to power while it is also recording and transmitting signal?

Yes. No problem, any power source is workable if it’s 5V 1A.

18. Can I watch live video without internet connection?

Yes, but it’s will be limited by distance from your home wifi.

19. I installed the device and it’s working fine! I need to know about alert settings and email settings.Email is not triggered when it sees a motion.

Alarm setting steps:

1. When your camera is connected with your local wifi.

2. Click on the Email setting to set your email address to receive the alarm.

3. Click the alarm setting to switch on the Motion detection and Send alarm email icon.

4.Save and quit the setting.

20. I want to record for 5-6 hours as standalone. I think the battery only works for 30 mins. Can I connect it to a phone power bank to keep it charged?


21. Does the cam have or offer date imprint on the video?

Yes, this camera does have date and time imprint on the video.

22. If my Camera is plugged in at home can I access it from my phone across town?

Yes. No problem if you follow the instructions and connect the camera from AP mode to P2P mode.

23. What frequency does it have?

The wifi frequency is 2.4G.

24. Does it work with android?

Yes, It works with android or IOS mobile device.

25. Is there a correct media player to use with the video?

Windows Media Player

26. Can I record without using an Wi-Fi , just download the app and connect the camera with the phone?

Yes, no problem, the camera has a built-in hotspot wifi.

27. Does it have motion sensor and does it also record Audio?

Yes, it has the motion detection function and can record audio.

28. Can I view the camera direct to my Ipad or Iphone with out wifi?

Yes, the camera has built in wifi hotspot, you could view the camera by hotspot in AP mode.

29. Can you operate the camera from samsung note 3 phone? Will I be able to take snap videos? Meaning, click record, then pause.. record, then pause, etc?

Yes. No problem if you use the android system on your phone. And OK for snap videos as you described.

30. Can I use this device as a constant body cam recorder? No sense in having video/audio if I can’t record it too.

Yes. This camera has a built in camera for 30 minutes, but if you use a external power bank make sure it is charged.