How to Choose a Dash Cam for Your Car In 2018

Now day millions of drivers adopt dash cams in an attempt to stem the rise of crash-for-cash schemes and hit-and-run pays to be careful. Even if you don’t get into any scrapes, some dash cams will even see your insurance cut by more than 10%, so it’s well worth investing in one if you want to guard your no-claims premium. If you have no idea what dash cam to purchase, this buyer’s guide should help you narrow down your choices and let you know what to look out for.

How to buy the best dash cam for you?
Choosing the right in-car camera or dash cam is a minefield. What are more important, megapixels or high definition? The size of lens or the angle of lens? Recording quality or playback quality?

Budget – How much do you wish to spend?
Straight off the bat, this is going to determine what you will end up with, Cameras can be had for anywhere between $50 all the way up to $500+ depending on features. We constantly have people telling us how their cheap camera wasn’t recording when something happened. Pay more and you can expect higher-quality video, thanks to increased recording bit rates and higher sensor resolutions – basic cameras may offer only middling 720p HD video, whereas the best use 1080p sensors to offer a huge leap in image quality.

The wider the field of view of the front-facing camera, the better. You want to capture a wide area in front of your vehicle, catching any vehicles (or possibly animals or people) on the side of the road. Just as important, if not more so, is the camera’s frame rate. Since it will be recording video while in motion, especially on highways, the device needs to be able to record without skipping frames or suffering from too much motion blur. Higher rates are better. Some lower-cost devices can record at lower rates. As a rule, a car camera should record at least 30 fps.

A dash cam is a small digital video recorder that attaches to your car windscreen, It plugs into the vehicles cigarette lighter socket which on most vehicles is accessory switched (This means the socket only gets power when you turn the key in the ignition). When you turn the key in the ignition the camera receives power and automatically begins to record footage onto the memory card in the camera. When you turn the ignition off the camera stops recording and saves the last file before turning off.

Dash cameras require this power connection in order to properly operate, Car Dash cameras are not designed to run from the internal battery that can be found in some models, these batteries are only designed to allow the camera to shut down safely when power is lost.

Resolution – 720P, 1080P, 1296P, Higher?
Most cameras are now 1080P Full HD, With some even higher resolutions, However, it is important to note that not all 1080P is the same and just because a camera is full HD does not mean it will be good quality. There are a number of factors which can affect the quality ranging from the Image sensor used, the camera lens and the bitrate of the recording. For the average consumer telling the difference based off of specifications alone will be near impossible so it is important to look at sample videos for any cameras you are interested in to ensure that the quality stands up to your expectations.

Memory Card Capabilities:
The memory card is arguably one of the most important pieces of a dash camera. The best quality camera in the world is no good if the memory card is faulty, and the footage does not properly write or save. The speed in which a memory card can write (also called “write speed”) is important when picking a quality memory card, and is determined by the “class” of the memory card. Classes 2, 4, 6, and 10 denote the minimum write speeds in MB’s, meaning a Class 2 card has minimum write speeds of 2 MB’s, while a Class 10 card has a guaranteed minimum of 10 MB’s. Most dash cam manufacturers recommend using a Class 6 rated card, or higher. An incompatible card can lead to choppy video playback, incomplete files and other problems.

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